Terms and Conditions

Therapy is a partnership built on mutual trust and respect – I look forward to helping you achieve your goal(s).

My commitment to you

I will act with integrity, openness honesty and professionalism in everything I do. 

I am usually contactable by telephone 9:00am to 5:00pm each day or you may leave a message. I will endeavour to return your call within 24 working hours.

I will not make decisions for you, but I will offer suggestions if this is desired.

I will be upfront about my fees & costs.

I am open to feedback about how I can improve my service.

Complaints should be raised with me in the first instance. If a successful resolution is not reached you may access my professional body’s complaints procedure

I work with a range therapeutic techniques according to what I believe will work best for you, including Hypnotherapy, NLP & holistic practices, I am happy to discuss any technique and your preference.

Your commitment to me

To be open and honest with me at all times & let me know immediately of any concerns you have about our work together.

Attendance of appointments is essential. Please value and prioritise your appointments.

Please provide 3 days notice by phone, text or email if you cannot attend your appointment. Failure to provide this notice incurs a cancellation fee of £25.

To understand appointments end at the agreed time and the full fee applies, even if you arrive late.

To pay the session fee in full at the beginning of your session.

To understand that the achievement of positive outcomes can require considerable effort by you.

You are free to leave therapy during a session. However, the full session(s) fee still applies.

For Hypno Gastric Banding, the program consists of 4x 1 hours sessions. You are free to leave the program at any time with notice as described above. However, the full Hypno Gastric Banding fee applies and there is no refund for sessions not attended.

How to benefit most from therapy

Personal change can be swift or slow dependent on many factors, including personal motivation, the severity and complexity of the problem and how ambitious your goals are. Please be patient and follow the information given to your by the therapist.

Come with a positive expectation that therapy will be helpful and productive & speak openly about your ideas of what will help.

Understand that change requires practice, perseverance and responsibility on your part as per the information from the therapist.

Be aware that no therapist can offer a guarantee of a cure or improvement but with your desire and commitment the therapy techniques I use (including Hypno Gastric Banding) can be a very effective way of making positive and lasting changes.


Records are strictly confidential unless you have given me permission to speak to others, or if I am required to disclose information by law, or I believe there is a risk to yourself or others.

By using this website or making a purchase, you (the client) confirm you agree to the privacy policy on this website.

Thank you again for coming to see me and I will ask you to sign and date this form at your first appointment, to confirm you have read and understood and consent to the Therapy Terms & Conditions.

Thank you,
Laura G Therapy