Wellbeing at Work

Through Meditation, Sound Healing, Workshops & Solution Focussed Therapy

Laura Gomm is a qualified psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Practitioner and Sound Healer who has a real passion for helping people find that inner happiness and wellness.

Prior to setting up her private practice she worked within the corporate environment in high leadership roles for over 15 years which adds to her extensive knowledge of what techniques can be used to help build resilience, focus and calmness within the workplace.

Her mission is to create a happier and healthier world by promoting positive mental health whilst equipping people with the tools for them to maintain a healthy positive mental wellbeing both at work and at home that will last them a life time.

As well as working with 121 clients she also works with charities, schools and corporate organisations in sharing her knowledge relating to mental wellbeing and neuroscience. Providing leaders and staff with training to help them incorporate mental wellness into their everyday settings to provide and promote overall mental wellness and resilience.

This is carried out through both psychological & holistic approaches by:

All services and approaches are designed to assist in the rise we are seeing with neurological and mental health conditions and disorders.

Providing not only awareness but also long term coping techniques, which leave employees feeling calmer, more focused and resilient and help prevent sickness relating to mental wellbeing.

Some of the benefits these provide are:

All these contribute to helping your employees feel supported and create a positive working environment by minimising stress levels, improving employee satisfaction and engagement and ultimately helping your employees thrive in the workplace.

Having a happy and healthy workforce is essential in building a successful and sustainable business.

Although we think that we think, most of the time we are being thought by the collective mind, the hypnosis of conditioning.

- Deepak Chopra

What to Expect

All sessions or workshops can be carried out in person or online. Laura understands that each individual is unique and recognises that we all have individual differences. Sessions and services are delivered in a safe and relaxed environment, inclusive of supporting those with additional, emotional and neurodiverse needs.





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