Subconscious Weight-loss Programme

Be the Change...   Transform the Mind, Transform the Body

I offer three different packages to aid you in your weight-loss goals. Choose from my signature programme – Gastric Band Hypnotherapy; The Subconscious Reset, Re-train and Lose Weight Programme; or the Personalised Nutrition and Training Plan.

Find out more details about each of these programmes below. 

Package A – Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Programme​​

Are you ready to lose weight without dieting or having to rely on willpower alone?

Think how liberating and free you would feel if you instinctively trusted in yourself to make those healthier food choices without the desire to snack on sugary foods or feel like you were missing out!

Most people find it difficult to believe that weight loss can be so easy, but with the gastric band hypnotherapy programme you take back the control over what you eat. This means your weight loss journey is enjoyable and you find yourself instinctively choosing better foods, eating less and moving more!

Gastric band hypnotherapy is a clinically proven programme designed using the power of the mind and retraining your brain so that eating less becomes an automatic habit for you…

…leading to a healthier, happier weight loss that actually lasts!

Who is the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Programme for?

Designed for those with a BMI over 22, the Hypno Gastric Band is an effective, safe and risk free way to lose weight and an alternative to having to diet or rely on a surgical gastric band. By using a combination of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Hypnotherapy this will help change your eating habits forwever.

If you are ready and truly committed to losing weight then this will absolutely help you achieve those weight loss goals.

The Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Programme Includes:


I never thought I would feel light again, especially after the menopause, but you’ve proved that I can see that 10 stone mark again on the scales and 4″ lost on my waist. Time to get the old bikinis out!


I can’t believe how different I feel just in two weeks. I don’t want to weigh myself as I hate the scales but I know I’ve lost weight as my clothes feel baggy! I can’t thank you enough







You will also have the opportunity to join my monthly weight loss group for £15 a month. 

Group membership gives you a 30-minute monthly accountability check in with me online to assess your progress and work on any additional mindset blockages, in order to ensure your continued weight-loss success.

Book a free 20 minute discovery call with me today to find out more.


I haven’t even been tempted to eat crisps or chocolate! What ever you have done, I can’t thank you enough. 12lb in 4 weeks. Skinny me is finally coming back!


I feel like I’ve found myself again! I am no longer obsessing over food and actually, I’ve not been hungry – you’re magic!

Package B – The Subconscious Reset, Re-train & Lose Weight Programme

How would you like to eat whatever you want whenever you want and still lose weight?

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But the program I have developed will get you eating less and enjoying food more without feeling guilty when you eat a so called ‘sin’ food or feel like you’re missing out when you CHOOSE not to eat everything in site!

This program is so simple and yet you will find it difficult to believe at first because we have been brainwashed into believing we have to be on diets to lose weight or even worse, we’ve told ourselves the story over and over again that we find it difficult to lose weight so we may aswell accept not feeling great in our skin!

I get it some people like structure and to be on diets and that’s great (Dieting is a multi-billion pound industry after all and that’s why I offer nutrition plans too – see Package two) but who wants to be on a diet forever?

So I designed this particular package using my skills as an hypnotherapist, life coach, NLP practitioner and UK Pro Bikini Champion to re-program your mind to change the way you think about food forever whilst losing weight in the process!

What's Included?

The sub conscious reset, re-train, lose weight programme is a 90 day package working with me online and includes:

  • Full details of the weight loss system to follow (9 simple golden rules to follow each and every day) and techniques to break down your old mindset patterns and behaviours
  • Three hypnotherapy recordings (1 per month for 3 months) focusing on weight loss mind re-programme technique, confidence, self sabotage, emotional eating and motivation to exercise
  • An accountability journal to keep track of your daily successes over the 90 days
  • Fortnightly accountability check ins with me online where we assess progress and work on any additional mind-set blockages (6 in total) to ensure success


OMG!! That’s 9lb in 3 weeks and I feel like I’ve eaten what I wanted and been able to have a drink still.


I can’t believe it! I’ve finally seen 13st on my scales and that’s just in 2 weeks!







Package C – Personalised Nutrition & Training Plan

What's Included?

The Personalised Nutrition and Training plan includes everything from the subconscious reset, re-train, lose weight programme AND:

•  Personalised nutrition plan based on macros to achieve your goal whilst you master re-programming the mind

•  Personalised training plan (customized to gym or home workout) to align with your goals (e.g. weight loss / build muscle) and motivate exercise and movement

•  Weekly check ins to assess progress and nutrition plans and re-align where necessary







Not sure which package is right for you? Book a free 20 minute discovery call with me today and we’ll discuss your goals, what you want to achieve in 90 days, and what plan would suit you best.