Shamanic Inner Healing

Giving You a deeper inner healing

Are you feeling lost in life, or have a feeling that something is missing and holding you back, but you’re just not sure what?

Or perhaps you’ve gone through a trauma and you’re not sure how to move forwards, looking for some clarity to be able to leave the past where it belongs.

We all have that ‘inner knowing’ feeling that something isn’t right but sometimes we struggle to explain what it is or even understand what it is.

That’s where Shamanic inner healing can really help.

You don’t have to explain what the problem is that is making you feel incomplete – simply lie back and let go, into a nice deep trance, whilst I take you on your own personal journey to make that inner peace. it will give you the power to reconnect with yourself, allowing you to move forwards.

Think of shamanic healing as a deep tissue massage for the soul but with long-lasting benefits!

As a Shamanic healer, I start to work on your energy before you turn up so I know what we need to ‘work with’ in order to help you release what is holding you back.

This means we don’t need to ‘relive’ any of your past experiences or even discuss them  – the only thing I will ask for is a few health questions and your consent to work with your energy.

People have experienced such profound insights and left our sessions feeling lighter and at peace, knowing their inner sadness or lostness has finally been released.

How Does This Work?

In basic terms, a Shaman is someone that resides in between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Acting as an intermediary between the client and the spirit (or energetic) world in order to gain insight and information on how best to assist the client in their healing, so that they can move forward in life. Ultimately releasing those deep inner blockages and engrained unknown traumas, which may have been passed down through lineal lines or caused us discomfort within this lifetime.

Shamanic healing works on all the layers of a person’s being (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual / soul and energetic) and all levels of their consciousness.

The brilliant thing about working on this level of consciousness is that you don’t have to specifically know what that internal block or issue is that is making you feel ‘just not right’, as its my job to connect with you on a deep inner energy level and take you on that inner journey to heal yourself from within.


Thank you Laura for taking me on a Shamanic journey – it was a fantastic experience. I left feeling lighter, totally relaxed and at peace when I left. Laura knew some of the things that had contributed to my sadness even though I hadn’t told her anything.  She told me that all my chakras were misaligned, which made me smile. Thank you for taking me on this healing journey and for giving me the space to clear my inner sadness and to say hello to my grandfather.
– Debbie

What to Expect?

Shamanic inner healing sessions are like no other and get you in such a relaxed trance that you are able to fully switch off and enjoy the experience and journey.

This means you are not only recharging your soul, but also your mind and body as well. Irrespective of where and what we are working with to heal you,  your experience is very unique to you and I’ll be called to take you to a specific ‘sacred space’ where you can meet those you feel safe with, all whilst your physical body is laying down relaxing. 

Those who have attended a session have been amazed at just how easy it was to relax and go within. Some have even recalled seeing loved ones within their minds eye, like one client who came to see me to heal an inner sadness… the experience she had allowed her to heal on a level that wouldn’t have been possible on a talking level and she left the session feeling like she had made that peace with herself.




Sessions last 70-80 minutes

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