Reignite Your Relationship

Be the Change...   Relationship Re-alignment!

As a therapist and life coach I have helped many clients with all sorts of problems, but one issue that crops up time and time again is:


Couples are under more pressure than ever due to busy lives, high expectations, money worries, working long hours and coping with children.

Everyone responds differently to those stresses and we find what might be important to one person may not be to their partner – which can lead to not understanding each other!

Once you and your partner have stopped communicating or feel mis-aligned on your priorities and needs, the relationship can slip into a downward spiral of upset, blame and resentment and it is at that point you may find yourself saying ”I can’t bear to be around that person anymore”, ”they drive me crazy” or “they are totally selfish!”

A damaged relationship can leave you feeling isolated, mis-understood and even trapped, like there is no way out.

Many of the sources of our anger or resentment are stored within the deeper part of our mind.

This can make it almost impossible for us to let go or forgive which is why we end up arguing repeatedly about the same issues or finding it difficult to forgive someone for a past mistake they have made.

I can help you as an individual or as a couple to:

Re-align and re-ignite that relationship!

What to Expect

All sessions are based on providing a safe and neutral place for couples to talk openly about what they feel is disrupting their relationship and work on ways to improve the relationship



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