Positive Parenting

Be the Change...   Empowering your parenting skills with hypnoparenting

Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting moments in life, but having a baby, child or teen is as challenging as it is rewarding in equal measures – not to mention when they fly the nest and we’re left feeling nervous, lonely and even lost as to who we are now they longer require us 24/7!

No parent was born knowing how to handle these kind of situations and it can often be a ‘learn as you go’ process, doing the best you can along the way,

And when it does feel overwhelming or too much of a difficult job, we clearly can’t ‘quit’ when the going gets tough!

That’s where hypnoparenting can be of help……

Empowering your parenting skills and getting you through those tough, overwhelming and lonely moments and helping you to remain calm, confident and feel capable when you need to!


Through the work we do, you will...

...Become a confident parent

The overwhelming responsibility of being a parent can create seeds of doubt within our minds, which can cause havoc with your emotions & leave you feeling insecure & incapable of dealing with the situation at hand. Hypnoparenting can help you remain calm when you need it the most & allow you to take a step back from the situation to realise you are more than capable & help you start to enjoy parenting in the way you deserve.

...Learn how to remain calm

When your kids misbehave it can often be difficult to keep cool! You’ve tried, you really have! But yet another tantrum or rude response can drive even the most patient person to burst a blood vessel. Having such an outburst then leaves you feeling guilty, confused & upset to only end up in the same situation time & time again! Hypnoparenting can help you control inevitable stress you’ll face as a parent & help you feel calmer & more at ease.

...Form a positive relationship with your children

We can sometimes get so caught up in the mundane tasks of building a life that we forget what & who we’re doing it all for. Work & other commitments can get in the way causing us stress & pressure & we find ourselves taking it out on those nearest to us. By using hypnosis to empty that ‘stress bucket’, you will feel more relaxed & at ease even after a long & difficult day at work, meaning you can switch off & enjoy that precious time with those you care about the most.

...Be assertive

Being a parent is all about give & take but as a parent we can sometimes find ourselves giving into our children a little too much. Whilst we know we must teach our little darlings to adhere to some disciplines & principles, we often find ourselves feeling guilty or sorry for our children meaning we let them do as they please. Even when we know this won’t help them in the long term! Hypnoparenting can help to establish clear boundaries by disassociating your emotions from the situation you’re facing, allowing you to be left with a clear mind, sticking to your principles & not giving in to relentless crying & apologies- tough love is sometimes necessary!

...Become more playful

Worrying about being a good parent can sometimes draw all the fun out of us. But the relationship we have with our children should always be fun & playful. Letting our inner child out can help us let down our guard & find that fun we all crave in life! Hypnoparenting can help release that stress & worry giving you the chance to connect with your child on their level & have fun with them – which is therapeutic in itself!

...Cope better with crying babies & children

Having a continually crying baby can bring a range of emotions, ranging from helplessness to anger & can leave you questioning in your ability as a parent – Afterall, you can’t just ask your baby what they want or reason with that young child who hasn’t quite mastered how to deal with their emotions. Hypnoparenting can help you release those unnecessary expectations you have on yourself making you feel more relaxed & ready to support your baby or child – which in itself is often enough to help your baby relax & stop crying!



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