Plant Medicine & Spiritual Awakening Integration Therapy

What is Spiritual Awakening Integration Therapy?

Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, San Pedro and other spiritual plant medicines have gained popularity in recent years and are now becoming a part of our mainstream culture, with many people taking off and trekking to places such as Peru, Norway etc to sit with the spirit of these medicines and working with Shamans and Alternative Healers.

I’ve personally sat and experienced these medicines many, many times and credit the gift of Ayahuasca and other sacred Plant Medicines in helping my own mental health and wellbeing, and helping me find self-love, break through generational trauma and support for my own professional career and personal life. 

Well known celebrities such as Will Smith, Chelsea Handler (who documented her Ayauschua experience back in 2016 for a mini Netflix series – ‘Chelsea does’) Megan, Fox, Pen Badgley, Russell Brand, Lindsey Lohan, Sting, and Miley Cirus, among others, have experimented with Ayahuasca and reported benefiting from it. 

plant medicine and Spiritual Awakening Integration Therapy

So what is Ayahuasca & what are the potential benefits of it?

Ayahuasca contains the psychoactive compound DMT, which has been shown to increase connectivity and communication between different areas of the brain. Allowing the altered brain function to promote the potential therapeutic effects of ayahuasca, such as reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, promoting addiction recovery, and facilitating trauma healing.


Ayahuasca has been shown to act against inflammation and oxidative stress. Ayahuasca also increases introspection and emotional processing, which can help individuals gain new insights and perspectives on themselves and their experiences.

However, don’t be fooled… experiences with Ayahuasca and other plant medicines can be very intense, difficult and transformative, and leave you questioning everything you ever understood.

Ceremonies can involve processing painful, uncomfortable and intense emotions and uncovering lost memories that were previously suppressed and hidden deep within us (from this life and past lives). Ayahuasca is not for the faint-hearted and each journey and everyone’s experience will all be different. The medicine will often make you face realities that many people spend their entire lives avoiding.

Think of it as a veil being lifted from your ego and it showing you your deeper shadows that have been hidden within.

Making sense of your Ayahuasca experience and integrating the insights you were shown within your ceremony into your daily life can be challenging, life changing and help propel you toward greater joy and wellness.

How Does the Integration Process Work?

The integration process is just as important as the ceremomy – without proper integration, Ayahuasca is, at best, a momentary escape from the mundane, and at worst, can cause more harm than good by reopening up those old wounds and creating mental confusion which might worsen or bring on feelings of anxiety depression or stress, or existential crisis.

By integrating what we are shown in a Ayuashcua or other plant medicine journey, you have the opportunity to utilise the tools and teachings you were given during your ceremony or retreat.

Working with a therapist who is experienced in plant medicines and spiritual awakenings to integrate your Ayahuasca experience and learnings is a necessary part of the journey.

Therapy can help you align your life with the insights gleaned during the Ayahuasca experience.

Integration of Ayahuasca with Therapy

The integration process involves working with a non judgemental psychotherapist to process and make sense of your psychedelic experience, helps address any confusion that arose within your process and helps you to align your life with the new insights and ways of being. 

Sometimes an integration process is offered to the participant of the plant medicine ceremony. Although this sharing circle might yield some benefit, this is at best a starting point toward integration and very light touch. 

The real work starts once you step away from your cacoon of a retreat and ceremony!

Much processing is needed to make sense of the experience and align your behaviour with your new gained insights.

Therapy can help with Ayahuasca integration by providing a space for individuals to process their emotions and experiences in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. Perhaps the psychedelic experience was not what you expected. It might have left you feeling sad, isolated or misunderstood. Integration Therapy can help you process these emotions and make sense of your Ayahuasca, plant medicine experience. 

Therapy can also help individuals develop new coping strategies and behaviours that are consistent with the new insights gained during their psychedelic journey or ceremony and help them process what they have been shown.

Therapy can help with psychedelic integration by addressing any lingering trauma or emotional wounds that may have been uncovered during their plant medicine experience. Plant medicine often brings up unresolved emotions and experiences that require further processing and healing so by working with the right integration therapist, it can help you accept & move forwards with life.


plant medicine and Spiritual Awakening Integration Therapy
plant medicine and Spiritual Awakening Integration Therapy

Insights gained during the Ayahuasca experience can provide a roadmap for growth and transformation. But it is up to you to continue the personal development and internal work. Therapy can help you integrate insights into your daily life.

If you have used or are considering using Ayahuasca or another psychedelic / plant medicine as part of your healing journey, be sure to work with a therapist who has experience with integration to maximise the benefits of this powerful.

How Many Therapy Sessions Do I Need to Integrate My Ayahuasca Experience?

Integration is a deeply personal process. There is no set numbers of sessions that will work for everyone. Depending on how deeply the experience has impacted you, therapy might range from one to a couple of sessions. It all depends on each individual & the insights shown to them on their specific journey.
It might take several therapy sessions to fully integrate the insights gained from an ayahuasca experience. You might benefit from ongoing therapy to help you fully integrate your experiences and make lasting changes in your life.

Get in touch if you’d like to understand how I can help you on your journey into Plant medicine healing.

A little about me!

Laura has held and sat in many Plant Ceremonies so has extensive knowledge on how to work with insight and energies that come up in the process of that deeper discovery within.

Her own spiritual journey and professional career has allowed her to gain great wisdom and knowledge into how we can heal at a level that is in line with both the soul and mind.

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