Crush That Phobia

Be the Change...   Overcome that phobia or fear and live your best life

  • Are you tired and exhausted from avoiding that particular object or situation that fills you with a deep sense of dread and irrational lasting fear?
  • Is that phobia keeping you from doing things you’d really like to do or have you found yourself saying ‘No’ to taking part in activities or going places too many times?
  • Do you find yourself often feeling faint, dizzy, unsteady, lightheaded, sick and like you’re choking when you think of that thing you know you shouldn’t be afraid of but unable to overcome it?

Not to mention the emotional symptoms of that overwhelming anxiety or panic and feeling of intense and need to escape and detach from yourself!

And not being able to control that pounding heart that feels like its coming through your chest, or stop the palpitations and accelerated heart rate…

If you keep telling yourself that it’s just who you are or you were born with this phobia and you have to live with it then PLEASE STOP NOW!

I absolutely can and will help you overcome this phobia, irrespective of what it is!

And it doesn’t include exposure therapy, where you’re expected to face the particular issue that has been giving you that fight, flight, freeze feeling for so long – it actually upsets me when people tell me they have been told that’s the way to cure a phobia (talk about adding more stress and anxiety to your life!)

How did you get here in the first place?

Phobias mostly develop in childhood, teenage years or in young adults but can also start in later life too. They are usually as a result of being exposed to a frightening, scary or stressful event or situation, or a from a learnt behavior from seeing people around us act certain ways to objects or situations.

When we learn something new, the brain creates a new pathway which then allows us to repeat the new behavior or skill in the future without conscious input or effort.

Take driving a car for example, when you first learn to drive you have to consciously think about where your hands, and feet go and what they have to do. But once you have mastered the art of it, its easy to drive to a destination without consciously being aware of how you did it.

When life experience creates a phobia, a new pathway is formed in the brain and the fear will automatically be re-created, without conscious thought every time that phobia is triggered in the future.  That’s why it can be so hard to break the cycle!

What do I do to give you this new sense of life?

The technique I use is very effective and completely natural therapy which provides a rationale answer to an irrational problem. We basically stop the problematic pathways in the brain from creating the fear in the first place. This allows a new response to take the place of the old one – referred to as ‘the re-wiring technique’.

I put clients at ease and into a ‘trance like state’ where we then use the ‘re-wiring’ technique which allows the brain to respond in a completely different way when they are faced with that phobia – thus eliminating the phobia! There are no exercises or follow up work for clients to do once therapy is complete because all the work is done at a sub-conscious level, allowing the conscious mind to go about its business as normal without ever realizing the phobia was there in the first place.

live thE life you have always dreamt of, free from that phobia

What to Expect

This programme requires you to have four 1-2-1 sessions to get to the root cause of the phobia and treat the symptoms.



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