Hypnotherapy for Children & Teens

Helping your child & teen change their thoughts & feelings with hypnotherapy

Children and teens have a lot to deal with these days. Things like coping with change, loss, bullying, violence, criticism, school pressures, tests and exams, outside influences, expectations on their looks, to name just a few. Not to mention the overwhelming thoughts and feelings they experience with their own bodies as they move through rapid growth periods over short periods of time.

There are many tasks they have to overcome like starting and moving to new schools, making new friends, handling bullies, unfamiliar and challenging school work, education, sport and other hobbies – all whilst trying to figure out where they “belong”.

These thoughts and experiences can leave them comparing themselves to others and lead to a feeling of inadequacy, low-self-esteem, negative thinking and even stress, with anxiety and depression rising to the surface.

Children and teens, much like adults, show their reaction to these situations in many different ways. They may become distracted, forgetful, unable to sleep, accident prone, angry, irritable and even violent towards themselves or others

They may have regular headaches or an upset tummy, or other health problems which can become more prominent like asthma, hay fever etc.

Nail biting, hair pulling, bed wetting or stammering may start happening as a way of releasing these underlying concerns.

Your child or teen may start to dislike school and take a disliking to other pupils and teachers or become shy and withdrawn causing them to have difficulties with their education.

Other fears, phobias and worries may start to develop and although as a parent you can offer support, love and care – nothing seems to change the situation.

That’s where I can help!

As a qualified mindfulness practitioner and hypnotherapist I can work with your child to use the power of their imagination and open mindset to reach the subconscious levels of the mind to help deal with the problems they are facing.


My young son was worrying excessively and it was becoming more and more noticeable as time went on. Not just by me and my husband, but also his teachers, relatives and our friends who were picking up on his incessant worrying and it was becoming a concern. My son had three sessions with Laura and by the third we had noticed a considerable reduction in his worrying and need for reassurance. My son loved going to see Laura and looked forward to spending time with her. She put him at eae and he felt completely comfortable with her. He was in an environment where he could speak freely and there was no judgement. I can’t thank Laura enough for all her support and guidance during this time.

How Does it Work?

Children and teens respond incredibly well to stories, visualisations, imaginative games and other simple tools and techniques I use within a therapy session. They have a great thirst for knowledge and enjoy responding to new ideas and ways of thinking. During hypnotherapy and mindfulness therapy they become very relaxed and focused easily, meaning they can make changes very quickly.

I have helped children and teens increase their confidence, overcome social and separation anxiety, increase performance at school, overcome food related problems, increase self-esteem, support with bereavement, overcome phobias and habits such as thumb sucking, help with anger and aggression, and many other issues.

It is important that your child or teen feels comfortable with me or any therapist. Therefore, please arrange for a free 20 minute discovery call so we can discuss yours and your child’s needs and have an introductory session with your child. 



Not sure which service is right for you? Book a free 20 minute discovery call with me today where we’ll discuss your requirements goals, and choose a programme that suits you best.