Hypno Cacao Ceremonies & Sound Healing Sessions

Let's make Wellbeing Wednesdays  a thing!

Mother Cacao Deep Inner Trance Healing

Are you looking for an even deeper connection to heal and find yourself?

Cacao is a medicine known to strengthen the sense of connection within ourselves and open our hearts to allow deeper healing and transformation. 

Cacao ceremonies were used centuries ago where ancestors drank cacao in its purest form to enable a deeper connection with themselves, allowing them to connect with their intuition and inner guidance.

The joy of cacao has recently been rediscovered in the Western world, with people consuming cacao in its purest form and receiving that support and guidance from the cacao spirit.

With the partnership of Luisa’s vegan chocolate, we bring to you a spiritually nurtured, ethically sourced, pure raw paste of cacao directly imported from Colombia, that helps you to find that deep inner connection with yourself, whilst I work with your energies to help you on a guided trance to reconnect and heal and find that inner peace, alignment and clarity.

Booking is essential as spaces are limited

Pay for 3 sessions, get the 4th half price*

More Than Just Chocolate

Don’t be mistaken, this is not simply ‘an expensive hot chocolate’. There is a totally different vibration when you drink a hot cup of cocoa, or eat a dairy filled chocolate bar, compared to the raw paste of spiritually nurtured Mother spirit cacao.

By working with the powers of the beautiful Mother cacao and myself we are able to guide you on a gentle yet powerful journey to:

  • Clean and aid those emotional blocks
  • Let go of past relationships
  • Understand yourself better
  • Reconnect with yourself and find that creative spark
  • Enhance your focus and mental agility
  • Heal on a more deeper level
  • Sit in ‘that space’ of support whilst you work through any mental or emotional blockages.
  • Replenish the soul to gain clarity and move forwards with your life

Prior to your ceremonial session, as a Shaman I use a number of tools and techniques to work with the spirit and plant energies. This allows me to determine the energy and quantum levels we need to work with and I prepare for the journey on which we will take you.

Each ceremonial session is tailored specifically for you, where you will be shown and given what the spirit masters and Mother Cacao determine that you require to heal and move forwards. I will also be guided with the amount of cacao you require – this is usually between 25g and 42g.


Thank you so much Laura for a wonderfully relaxing evening. The Cacao drink was absolutely gorgeous & the meditation was so deep & cleansing.
– Lara


What an absolute experience. I cannot believe how powerful yet relaxing that felt. I needed that & love that we had the crystal as a gift too. Felt like it was a very special time you gave us. I will absolutely be coming again.
– Ami

As well as healing benefits there is also a vast number of other amazing health benefits you get from having Cacao, such as:

  • Lowering of your blood pressure, reduces risk of diabetes and inflammation, decreases the risk of cancer, cholesterol or stroke
  • Improves blood flow to the brain reducing neurogenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and improves mental performance
  • Relaxes muscles, relieving pain in the body
  • Eases depression, anxiety and stress, promoting feelings of relaxation and calmness

If you’d like to start your deep inner trance healing session today with the beautiful spirit of mother cacao, get in touch today!

Every Fourth Wednesday of the Month



19:30 – 21:00
West Hallam Village Hall, Derbyshire, DE7 6GR

*Use code: CACAODISCOUNT to get your 4th session 1/2 price, when booking a block of 4. Maximum of 20 people per session.

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