Break the Habit

Be the Change...   Break up with that bad habit or addiction for good!

Tried everything and anything to break up with that bad habit only to tell yourself you’ll try again tomorrow, or even worse, just accept it is who you are?

If this is you… then look no further! Breaking bad habits (irrespective of what they are!) is my thing and I have helped tons of people not only break up with that unhealthy mindset and bad habit, but to also train their minds to look out for any other pesky unhealthy habits joining in with their life so they can stop it in its tracks!

When we’re finished, you’ll be the master of your own mind and no longer feel like you’re being dragged along to that ‘mini mind party’ that tries to justify your unhealthy habit or addiction!

Giving you the freedom to enjoy life without the guilt or worry that you’re going to lose control and let that habit creep back into your life.


So what is this amazing technique I use?

Stubborn bad habits or addictions leave a deep imprint in how you live and manage your life, and even though you know it doesn’t add any value and is perhaps harmful to your health, wealth and relationships, contributing to stress in your life, you somehow find yourself at a dead end and unable to give it up!

By working with me we will...


What an amazing experience. Credit where credit is due. The most relaxed I’ve felt for as long as I can remember. Laura you are an amazing and talented lady and are literally changing lives. One session done and many more to go, the majority hopefully through choice rather than a necessity in the future but for now it is exactly what I need. Thank you 🤍
– Laurie

Not sure if you have an unhealthy habit or addiction?

Read my blog to learn more and understand how and why we form habits and addictions and some of the things I have helped people with. At first it can be hard to admit that we have an unhealthy habit or are addicted to something that is causing us detrimental damage to our lives. If any of this resonates with you, but you’re unsure as to whether you need help, then please get in touch for a free 20 minute discovery call and we can discuss your needs.



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